Monday, 27 October 2014

New Base Designs - Warmachine / Hordes / Malifaux

Wow,  haven't posted on here in a long while.  So why not Doc....  Well simply haven't made anything new for code designs.  All the base sets we have already made have sold well through Worcester Wargames and ebay so the money has been a steady trickle.  Mostly we have used it to buy more stuff to cast.  Hey this venture was never about being rich but just a bit of pocket money.

Anyway the title suggests I'm moving in to a new area.  I have been asked for the lipped bases for a while specifically cobblestone bases.  Now there are masses of these on the market already so I have taken a bit of time to gather up some images of good examples.

So off I go making my version of the cobble effect and these are the first two I have attempted

More to come soon,

Doc out

Sunday, 1 December 2013

3 Ranges of Bases Complete - The Future of Code Designs

Hi All,

This post will showcase 3 fully completed ranges of bases.  Two of these are for mainly 40k or other science fiction games.  The third is for warhammer or other games which use square bases.

First off a picture of most of the bases available from CodedesignsUK all the bases pictures in today's post are available in Worcester Wargames.

Range 1 

The Industrial Round Base Range:





We normally sell at each base pack at £3 as noted above however we are doing christmas bundle deals which are available here.

Range 2

The Slate Round Base Range:





As with the industrial range above we are doing a Christmas bundle deal here.

Range 3

The Slate Square Base Range




 Following on there is also a Christmas bundle deal available for this range here.

So since completion of this range we have begun work on a Tau Bunker our first large scale piece which we hope to have ready for the early part of the year.  After this we are looking at building trophies for an event we are running over on code40k... Worcester War 2 if you are interested check it out here.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Industrial Range First Two lines now on sale

Hi All,

DOC again is back so we have cast up lots of copies of two of the base types in the industrial range and they are all now on sale. 

They can be found in Worcester Wargames and for those a little further away I will post the ebay links as I showcase the bases. 

Ok in the last post I showed an undercoated picture of the 60mm round base.  Here it is fully painted:

This is by far my favourite base so far...  If you like its on sale now here
The next set in the range which is completed is the 40mm round bases.  Here they are fully painted:

I think the base in the bottom right is calling out for some water effects down the centre but alas I didn't have any available when they were painted.  These are on sale here now.

Ok coming next week will be the rest of the industrial base range including bike bases and 25mm round bases.  Following this will be our first warhammer fantasy range.

As always feedback is most welcome.

Signing off.....


Monday, 7 October 2013

The Industrial Range - Work In Progress

Hi All,

Doc here again  (mental note teach Inner Mech how to blog! so as to not do all the blog posts!) , anyway I digress....  We are back to show you some work on Range 2 the industrial range.  This is something I have always wanted to have a go at.  So we sat down and talked about what we wanted from this range and as you do complete a massive google search on what others have done.  Nothing wrong with getting ideas!  The first measure we go for is to try and make a range we can get excited about and want to use ourselves.  With this industrial range that is certainly the case.  Ok a few pictures of the prototypes now:

Plasticard has been used for the bases of various types and then we have added layering and additional parts to this.  The mini dremel has proved useful for a lot of the shaping work and creating channels for fluid or electrical cables.  I find before you at least basecoat the bases they can look a little odd.  I slapped a rough basecoat of black onto the 60mm to see the effect it would give:
This I think gives you an easier visual of what the final product will look like.  Of course as we will mold from the prototypes I will no fully paint the bases.  We normally paint the first cast batch, which of course we will post for you all to see.
Feedback on what you would like to see and further ideas is most welcome.  I'm certain the collective brain of the internet is more than mine and Inner Mech!
Ok that's all for now folks.  I will post some more work in progress later in the week.

Monday, 30 September 2013

The first post on Codedesigns UK

Hi All,

Doc here on a brand new undertaking CodedesignsUK.  Ok so the name sounds grand it seemed appropriate to use the Code brand again as we have been blogging as CODE40k for some time now check it out here.  Myself and Inner Mech from CODE40K had been toying with the idea of making bases and other potential gaming accessories for a little while.  So after a few mishaps and a fairly steep learning curve we are ready to start unleashing our first range of bases.

The first set will be the slate set and will in time be available for both round and square bases in all the sizes required.  Looking round at what others make most bases available are sold in Resin we however, have gone for white plastic.  So you may ask why white plastic?  Simply we found it easier to work with and its a little more flexible.  What I mean by that is you can pull out an almost set mould and curve it for example.

Ok so on to the first range.

Bike Bases

These have been painted in various colours to show off what can be done with them.  These are on sale now here.  When purchased the bases need to be washed in warm soapy water to remove all the releasing agent and spray primed for best results. 
60mm Round Base

Suitable for use with dreadnoughts and monsters for example. This item is on sale here.  So these two are on sale.  To complete the slate range in round bases we will offer 25mm and 40mm bases.  A couple of sneak peak pictures of these bases:

These will be finalised and on sale soon.  So what does the future hold beyond this design.  Other designs we are working on at present are an industrial base set, crystal fields base set and on to race themed base sets.  Beyond resin bases we are looking at objective markers and some small scenery pieces.  Updates will be posted here for everyone to see what is available and some work in progress shots.

As ever feedback and ideas are always welcome

That's all folks