Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Industrial Range First Two lines now on sale

Hi All,

DOC again is back so we have cast up lots of copies of two of the base types in the industrial range and they are all now on sale. 

They can be found in Worcester Wargames and for those a little further away I will post the ebay links as I showcase the bases. 

Ok in the last post I showed an undercoated picture of the 60mm round base.  Here it is fully painted:

This is by far my favourite base so far...  If you like its on sale now here
The next set in the range which is completed is the 40mm round bases.  Here they are fully painted:

I think the base in the bottom right is calling out for some water effects down the centre but alas I didn't have any available when they were painted.  These are on sale here now.

Ok coming next week will be the rest of the industrial base range including bike bases and 25mm round bases.  Following this will be our first warhammer fantasy range.

As always feedback is most welcome.

Signing off.....



  1. Nice work Dude. I'm really impressed. I particularly like the 60mm base.
    It's tempting me to start a new army!

  2. Cheers Bud, loads more new stuff to come....