Monday, 7 October 2013

The Industrial Range - Work In Progress

Hi All,

Doc here again  (mental note teach Inner Mech how to blog! so as to not do all the blog posts!) , anyway I digress....  We are back to show you some work on Range 2 the industrial range.  This is something I have always wanted to have a go at.  So we sat down and talked about what we wanted from this range and as you do complete a massive google search on what others have done.  Nothing wrong with getting ideas!  The first measure we go for is to try and make a range we can get excited about and want to use ourselves.  With this industrial range that is certainly the case.  Ok a few pictures of the prototypes now:

Plasticard has been used for the bases of various types and then we have added layering and additional parts to this.  The mini dremel has proved useful for a lot of the shaping work and creating channels for fluid or electrical cables.  I find before you at least basecoat the bases they can look a little odd.  I slapped a rough basecoat of black onto the 60mm to see the effect it would give:
This I think gives you an easier visual of what the final product will look like.  Of course as we will mold from the prototypes I will no fully paint the bases.  We normally paint the first cast batch, which of course we will post for you all to see.
Feedback on what you would like to see and further ideas is most welcome.  I'm certain the collective brain of the internet is more than mine and Inner Mech!
Ok that's all for now folks.  I will post some more work in progress later in the week.

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