Monday, 30 September 2013

The first post on Codedesigns UK

Hi All,

Doc here on a brand new undertaking CodedesignsUK.  Ok so the name sounds grand it seemed appropriate to use the Code brand again as we have been blogging as CODE40k for some time now check it out here.  Myself and Inner Mech from CODE40K had been toying with the idea of making bases and other potential gaming accessories for a little while.  So after a few mishaps and a fairly steep learning curve we are ready to start unleashing our first range of bases.

The first set will be the slate set and will in time be available for both round and square bases in all the sizes required.  Looking round at what others make most bases available are sold in Resin we however, have gone for white plastic.  So you may ask why white plastic?  Simply we found it easier to work with and its a little more flexible.  What I mean by that is you can pull out an almost set mould and curve it for example.

Ok so on to the first range.

Bike Bases

These have been painted in various colours to show off what can be done with them.  These are on sale now here.  When purchased the bases need to be washed in warm soapy water to remove all the releasing agent and spray primed for best results. 
60mm Round Base

Suitable for use with dreadnoughts and monsters for example. This item is on sale here.  So these two are on sale.  To complete the slate range in round bases we will offer 25mm and 40mm bases.  A couple of sneak peak pictures of these bases:

These will be finalised and on sale soon.  So what does the future hold beyond this design.  Other designs we are working on at present are an industrial base set, crystal fields base set and on to race themed base sets.  Beyond resin bases we are looking at objective markers and some small scenery pieces.  Updates will be posted here for everyone to see what is available and some work in progress shots.

As ever feedback and ideas are always welcome

That's all folks