Monday, 27 October 2014

New Base Designs - Warmachine / Hordes / Malifaux

Wow,  haven't posted on here in a long while.  So why not Doc....  Well simply haven't made anything new for code designs.  All the base sets we have already made have sold well through Worcester Wargames and ebay so the money has been a steady trickle.  Mostly we have used it to buy more stuff to cast.  Hey this venture was never about being rich but just a bit of pocket money.

Anyway the title suggests I'm moving in to a new area.  I have been asked for the lipped bases for a while specifically cobblestone bases.  Now there are masses of these on the market already so I have taken a bit of time to gather up some images of good examples.

So off I go making my version of the cobble effect and these are the first two I have attempted

More to come soon,

Doc out

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